Delivery Ceremony of AL SHAMAL

The Delivery Ceremony of Armed Cadet Training Ship 
“QTS 92 AL SHAMAL” to Al-Doha for The Qatar Navy
February 22, 2022

Anadolu Shipyard adds a new one to its shipbuilding achievements with their original national design. “QTS 92 AL SHAMAL”, the second largest military ship to be constructed and exported by the private sector in Turkey, will be delivered to Qatar Naval Forces;

Delivery Ceremony will be held under the auspices of Khalid Mohamed Al Attiyah, Qatar Minister of Defense; with the attendance of Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Qatar Naval Commander, The Commander of Turkish Naval Forces, The President of SSB Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir and top executives of both countries.  

In accordance with the contract signed between Anadolu Shipyard and Qatar Armed Forces within the scope of the two Training Ships (CTS) foreseen for the needs of the Qatar Armed Forces, the production schedule started on February 25, 2019.

These Armed Training Warships, built by a private sector shipyard in Turkey and equipped with advanced technology, are built with a domestic and original design with high-strength steel hull and aluminum upper building, and there are two fully functional bridges for training purposes on the ships.

Ships are built under the supervision of Turkish Lloyd in accordance with Turkish Lloyd Military Ship Rules are certified by Turkish Lloyd.

The ships are of OPV design, with an overall length of approximately 90 meters, a width of 14.2 meters and a displacement of 2,150 tons.

Its top speed is 22 knots and its economic speed is 15 knots.

The ship is equipped for a total of 150 personnel. Apart from 66 ship personnel, 76 students and 8 trainers can be trained on all kinds of operations and sensor-weapon uses on the ship.

The ship has all technical capabilities, including helicopter landing and resupply. It can stay at sea for 15 days without refueling, and has a range of more than 2,000 nautical miles.

The ships can perform Logistics Support, Accompaniment and Patrol duties, apart from training missions.

All the designs of the ships were made nationally by Anadolu Shipyard, and this will contribute to the representation of our Shipyard in the world's seas with its day and night helicopter operations, fire support and emergency medical services. Combat System design and integration are also carried out by our Shipyard.

Following the delivery of the first ship of the series, “AL DOHA” on August 25, 2021, the second ship “AL SHAMAL” is being delivered to the Qatar Navy today on February 25, 2022.

1 Landing Craft Tank (LCT) QL80 FUAWIRIT built for the Qatar Navy on September 25, 2021, 2 Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM); The QL40 BROOG, QL41 ISHAT and 1 LCVP ships were launched on 7 February 2022, and these ships are planned to start duty in the Qatar Navy in 2022.